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editorial management Mackerel Press specialises in offering full-service editorial delivery for a variety of publication types. Publishers tend to hire MP to run periodicals that are starting up, enduring a crisis or regrouping. Some of our "temporary hires" have lasted for a decade. press specialties MP client publications benefit from 18 years of editorial management, journalism and specialised learning. MP journalism is informed by years of unmatched access to various industries (especially offshore energy, renewable energy and the fisheries) and exposure to academia (political science, world affairs, mass communication). Technology, politics, labour relations and policy-making round out our expertise. crowning successes MP has helped a number of esoteric publications go mainstream by delivering a real-life, real-time mix of news and analysis while building partnerships in their target markets. writing, reporting & research MP columns and reports appear alongside Deloitte’s, 
McKinsey’s, Rystad's & Woodmac’s in a variety of publications. MP news-writing appears in a number of newspapers and 
online publications. MP news and features are quoted by news wires, newspaper journalists and book authors.